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Data on these official business cycle turning points and dates are available from the NBER website at http: How do NBER recessions differ from the common description of a recession as, "a period when real gross domestic product declines for two consecutive quarters?

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The NBER's seven-member Business Cycle Dating Committee examines monthly economic indicators that provide a good industry-wide economic perspective to date business cycles. They use monthly economic indicators such as employment, real personal income, manufacturing sales, and industrial production , rather than quarterly real Gross Domestic Product GDP. The monthly data allow the NBER to be more precise in setting business cycle turning points; the monthly data also typically are not subject to the same magnitude of revisions as are the quarterly GDP data.

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The Business Cycle Dating Committee also examines the data to evaluate the depth of a downturn to determine whether it is sufficient to qualify as a recession. The article provides a review of the process and indicators the NBER Committee uses to evaluate potential business cycle turning points.

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The practice of examining the joint evolution of several key macroeconomic aggregates has been followed by the committee since its inception. Since October , the Committee also computes, using the past statistical properties of euro-area GDP revisions, the probability that future data revisions might lead it to revise its choice of turning points see the note written by Domenico Giannone for the Committee.

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