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He probably thought everything he did was for his own evil machinations until he actually asked her out. And again the crush on both BH and MY's part doesn't seem random at all either.

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I still remember the train station seen. Or whenever he was just a little too close. Moo Jin noticed right away BH's change since she was hired.

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Little instances here and there that clued us in that cynic shell was starting to melt. It takes a robot to notice a robots demise. Honey, I've been living in a house filled with guys for over 30 years, and I still need a translator, also. I didn't expect to like this character, but I love how she is the "glue" that bonds the men together, showing them you can't just slam 2 people together and expect they will fall in love - end of mission.

Like, I knew it was going to happen eventually and I really enjoy how the show is going about developing it. I like seeing their bickering start out as just them genuinely sort of disliking each other to it becoming more playful like in the rooftop with Min-young talking about how Byung-hoon is a sadist with a huge smile on her face and I think with Min-youngs idealism and Byung-hoon's cynicism they really balance each other out.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they're dynamic develops once they eventually realize they might actually have feelings for each other. Oh God, I so cringed for Min Young when she asked herself why she cared and had to stop the video.

Also second hand embarrassment for Kwangsoo's character and I love Mijin? I am falling in love with Moo-Jin. I saw the preview and I'm so excited! Thanks for all the recaps, there's no way I would have started this drama if it wasn't for the recaps catching my attention. Is anyone else getting annoyed that they don't tell us what these "strange rumors" about Mi-jin are, I mean you can only tease us about "strange rumors" without telling us what they are before it gets annoying.

I feel like this show is seriously underrated. If we had a more well known cast, I think it'd be a huge hit. Honestly, I didn't start watching it until today because I wasn't that interested in the cast. But now, I love them, and the characters they play. Lee Chun Hee is definitely working that mystery man vibe. What a change from Family Outing! Never thought I'd find Chunderalla to be anything but a clumsy, adorable dork, let alone a total hunk.

I'd really love to see more of Robot boy have to learn his name. His deadpan delivery just cracks me up. Lastly, I'm surprised by how much I like Sooyoung's character and how she's playing it. I've seen her on talk shows and thought she was nice but talentless; so I really didn't expect this out of her.

She's adorable, seems genuine, and just really likable. Gary exactly need this agency: Hahaha omg, Gary and Song Jihyo as Monday couple cameo with Gary being the client would be so awesome! The highlight of this episode was Dal In smiling like an idiot the entire time Mi Jin was in his kitchen. She is falling much faster than I anticipated, even licking the cream off her fingers.

So I guess Master's mystery is solved.

Do Il is his hyung? And who actually gives away wedding invitations after your fiance has died? Also, how could she not recognize her own wedding invitation? But because of that, it really got me into shipping them. One of the reasons not only their great chemistry together but this duo kind of reminds me of Go Eun and Anthony Kim from King of Dramas. Byung Hoon has certain shades of his personality that are reminiscent of Anthony Kim.

The difference is that the progression is too fast. I was kind of complaining before with KofD when the romance took a longer turn but it felt more natural. Ah glad I'm not the only one. I guess that's also why I'm really biased towards to this drama, esp the pairing.

But it's another year another kind of twist thing. I'm not sure why Byung Hoon doesn't know about him or his agenda. Maybe because he doesn't care or never knew his younger brother unlikely , but he still seems rather clueless wrt Mastar and his plotting. Younger brother since he said Hyung. And he wants revenge for this brother's death. I have no problem with the love triangle. On their own, each has his merits, but as part of the love triangle, it just seems weird. Again, I blame the age gap between the two men and Sooyoung. Other than that, strictly as characters, I have no huge problem with it.

Kwangsoo is hilarious as the goofy masochist chef! As expected, the role suits him so well. There were a lot of funny-slash-cute moments but I cracked up at Dal-in, the goons, and Minyoung's "acting" on that set up. I appreciate how Minyoung's character is written and played, so far.

I like how she's so honest about her feelings I'm buying the romance, kind of. It's just that I'm quite familiar with the three leads' variety show personas that sometimes it's funny to imagine Chunderella, gag idol Sooyoung, and Junsu's appa involved in a love triangle. It doesn't help that Lee Jong-hyuk and Sooyoung's variety personas are pretty similar to their characters in Cyrano. I'm still enjoying the drama and its romance, though!

Lee Kwang Soo is so ugly, he's cute! I agree with being dragged a long with the romance even though I don't buy it either nor do I mind that i don't buy it. It feels rushed but jeez, we're half way through through the drama. Each week, I always say how much I don't like Master, I will refrain from it this week and instead comment on the fact that he's the first kdrama that I've not liked without having a reason, lol.

I guess because I don't know if he's really a villain or one of the good guys. I don't know what he's up to and that frustrates me as a viewer, lol! Although it can be seen as too fast or too fast, I think overall, Byung Hoon and Min Young begin to realize their feelings for each other but they don't want to face it.

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I really love their moments and frankly, I'm not bothered by the age difference or whatever because it suits the storyline. Master is so creepy that the word creepy isn't even enough to describe him. I really think he is Do Il's younger brother but who is the regular client so? He is always in the restaurant and we have many close ups of him. I'm sure we are going to find out later but still, damn curiousity. Many people voiced their concerns over Min Young's presence in the Agency and what she brings and I think, as someone said already, she is the "glue" of it.

Her interactions with others like Moo Jin is precious to me because it doesn't feel forced. They learned to respect and trust them and now they are bonding like teammates. And I don't find manipulation that forced or weird because even though they got help to start to boost that romance, it is their true self which will determine if they are going to last or not. At the end of the day, you ain't going to be upset with your friend because they helped you to meet that particular person. I guess it is just a matter of point of view but just like the movie Hitch, he helped them to get to know each other and boost a little bit interest after it was up to them.

I have no idea why so many people are criticizing Soo Young.

I think she is doing pretty good here. Gotta say one of my fav scene was when Moo Jin requested for her to place her hand on his face. Another part I found funny was Arang giving love advice to his hyung! Clean With Passion for Now: You know how hard it was for him to partially come out of his shell for her? Something tells me he is going to be heartbroken. I think she was the one who tipped off Mi Jin about Cyrano. She may also be related somewhat to Hawaiian Shirt Guy.

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We should have known this couple was too happy and cute. That's always the first inkling that something's brewing.

dating agency cyrano recap ep 12 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 12
dating agency cyrano recap ep 12 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 12
dating agency cyrano recap ep 12 Dating agency cyrano recap ep 12
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