Dating scene in boulder colorado

It was degrees F today. There can be some cold days in the winter - you're a mile above sea level, quite near the Continental Divide. You should be ready for snow.

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Boulder is very expensive, and very inclusive. Get the idea of, "hippies" out of your mind. There's rich white people, that have long family ties to the area as long as you can, in the West, I guess that have a lot of NIMBY going for them. Growth is not a subject that's smiled upon. People want Boulder to the Boulder it was x years ago whatever, "x", is. I'm not saying that's good or bad, I'm just saying that's how it is. I would not suggest any of the suburbs around Boulder - it's all wasteland crap.

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Longmont is near nothing. The University has a huge influence on Boulder. A lot of the "nightlife" or whatever you call it is geared to their throwaway income. The bars suck, the music scene sucks, the art scene sucks. Go to Denver for that. So that's my curmudgeon look. Getting to Denver is easy - just grab the regional bus to Denver.

It's an hour for the regular, 45 minutes for the express. It's a little shitty right now, as there's construction on I, and will be for the foreseeable future. Commuting would be hell, I would think.

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The busses are pretty damn busy during rush hour. Boulder's best attribute if you are not there for the university or work tied to the university is the outdoors. Great medium-intensity hiking just minutes from your house. All of it is accessible. Not only is this stuff not far from your house, but it is knit into every aspect of the city. Speed humps in the middle of major streets to make it easier for people to cross on foot or bicycle. Crosswalks with push buttons to light up flashing lights to warn the cars.

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Trails snaking over every part of the city. Bike racks on the buses. People climbing walls at the university at least they used to when I was there, and they probably weren't supposed to. The Boulder Bolder or is is Bolder Boulder? Never have I seen a 10k be such a big deal--usually that is reserved for marathons. So if you love the outdoors, Boulder is a great place to be. If you don't LOVE the outdoors? I mean, it's not a bad place to live and if you have a job pulling you there, I wouldn't advise against going there if you don't love the outdoors and seeing as you're a white guy.

If you don't love the outdoors you might think Boulder is nice, but you won't think it's anything particularly special. I'd agree with massysett. I moved to Boulder a few years ago after living for nearly a decade in D. If you're used to living in a big east coast city with great public transportation, but want to move somewhere that isn't a big city, I think Boulder is a great way to retain some things that are good about city living while still moving somewhere smaller and slower.

You end up in a place that isn't super car-dependent--we almost never use our car--and that has more and better cultural events than you'd expect for a city of , people, due to the university. However you are giving up the advantages of big-city living: Denver is a great city but doesn't compare at all to places like Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, or Seattle, so I wouldn't assume that you could just drive down the road to scratch that itch. With respect to what others have noted above, I'm 31 and I haven't found that my social life revolves around the university at all. Neither my partner nor I went to school here, which probably plays a part in that.

We tend to hang out with his co-workers other guys and a few women in their 20s and 30s, most of whom don't have kids , other outdoors-y people of all ages, and some alums from our college. We are decently tight with our neighbors, all of whom are older and have lived in Boulder since the s.

The sun is nearly always shining, and due to the low humidity the summers feel less oppressively hot and the winters feel less oppressively cold. This has made a huge difference in my quality of life, and it's part of what drives people to always be outside rather than having social scenes revolve around restaurants and clubs. So, there are pluses and minuses, it's hard to say whether you or anyone else would be happy or dissatisfied.

That will probably have a huge impact on your social life, especially in the beginning before you have a chance to find your tribe. I recently moved to Superior 5 minutes South and have shed a lot of qualms I initially had about the area I went to school in Philly and grew up in the DC suburbs.

I would be happy to answer specific questions if you want to PM me. I disagree, I think it's more of a town full of privileged people, which bugs me more anyway -I have found it hard to make close friends that are here permanently.

I should also add that moving here has gotten me interested in my own health and well being I bike a few hundred miles a week, weather permitting, am always tan, and have gotten into great shape. When I lived on the east coast I was a fat alcoholic with no friends and no life with very little overall happiness, but it has been quite different here. This thread is closed to new comments. One problem with Denver dating, in Howie's view, is the fondness men have for gathering in mostly male packs.

They just hang out together in groups.

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But in Denver, men who are in their thirties and forties are acting that way. Such an approach to socializing is hardly universal, Howie stresses. They don't have Facebook, they don't have Tinder, and they don't have porn, so they're forced to interact with each other. But Denver has so much natural beauty and so many things going on that I think it's made everybody a little lazy. Maybe it's too nice and comfortable and active. Like, 'Let's go on a hike' instead of going on an actual date — and one woman in Denver told us, 'If we really wanted to go hiking, they should serve wine on top of the mountain.

Denver men phone it in from a wardrobe perspective, too, Howie's found.

Denver is nicknamed Menver because there are supposedly more single males than single females on the market — and if these stats are accurate, they would seem to motivate guys to try harder. But Howie scoffs at the entire concept. That's supposedly why there are these bro packs that you just don't see in the rest of the country.

But in Man Jose, they're a bunch of mostly techny nerds who are afraid of women, and the men in Denver aren't afraid of women.

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They're just lazy about it. Besides, he continues, "I don't think there really are greater numbers. I think that's an illusion. In every city in the country, it's fifty-fifty between 18 and 65 — and then after 65, the men start to die off. One woman in Atlanta disputed that when I said it: She said, 'No, there are 70, more single women in Atlanta than single men.

dating scene in boulder colorado Dating scene in boulder colorado
dating scene in boulder colorado Dating scene in boulder colorado
dating scene in boulder colorado Dating scene in boulder colorado
dating scene in boulder colorado Dating scene in boulder colorado
dating scene in boulder colorado Dating scene in boulder colorado

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