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I realize not everyone is like this but he just owns it and does quite well for himself. I think you may want to think about how you carry yourself, dress, etc and see if that could be something that might be worth working on. Thanks for the shoutout! Your height is only an issue insofar as you allow it be. The main woman I dated through December, Helen, was young, tall, and slender! I dress well, keep interesting hair styles, nice shoes, accessorize as well as I can, and own my height completely. I make jokes about missing midget by only a few inches, say things like at least I get to save money by shopping in the juniors section, etc.

I also stay fit and make sure I look hot with my shirt off. I wear slim fitting clothes to make sure I accentuate my physique a bit. I work hard for it and it helps my hook up and dating prospects. If you want to find someone to date all the other non physical traits mean so much more than the physical ones. He best advice I can give you is this: Look at it as a way to get to know people so you can find someone that has traits and qualities you desire. Be picky about it and date on your terms. I can unequivocally tell you that the fact I imperfectly have my shit together and work hard to maintain that state and life style means more than my height.

I have a clam relaxed flirty demeanor and I make it clear that I have standards and dating preferences too.

Bunch of girls on reddit saying short guys are attractive (SRS) (THERE IS HOPE)

Qualifying yourself as a possible dating partner almost always precludes you from being a dating partner. As my post states, I am supremely confident, wel-dressed, well-employed, and social. You cannot convince me that sheer force of personality will change my current circumstances.

Ok, your problem is that you are fully participating in the exact same thing that you're being subjected to. Attraction is one thing, it's crucial, but you equating "fat girls" as not good enough for you and inherently "not pretty" is what the problem is.

I'm not telling you to date people you aren't attracted to but the attitude you're having here is a serious projection that obviously comes from some insecurity you're not willing to admit. Basically, your attitude towards "fat girls" being a lower standard is a reflection of how you feel about your height, that someone would have to lower their standards to date you.

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People are picking up on it and you're projecting it in some way. If you have a really close friend you can trust to be honest and objective, to tell you something you may not want to hear, you should ask them if they think you project any insecurity.

Would You Date a Short Guy ?

Otherwise a therapist can help. Work on your internal rather than your external, superficial personality clothes, body, job, taste, hobbies. You're right it is possible to lose weight. However what being short and being fat have in common is that if you aren't attracted to that physical quality, you're not attracted to it. Your tone comes off as defensive in this post. If you address everyone like this, that could also be part of your issue.

Woman Tells Dudes That Are Shorter Than 5’7″ To Not Bother, But This Guy Destroyed Her Logic

The last thing I want to do is engage with someone who seems defensive or bitter from the start. Also pretty and thin are not the same thing.

Want to add to the discussion?

So I didn't mean to give you advice or tell you what to do. I was just offering up thoughts about your situation, since I don't know you. How other people or society looks at this particular situation is not something you can change, and you know that, but I realize that it's frustrating because it inadvertently affects you. And you shouldn't lower your standards. And sheer force of personality is certainly not going to change your circumstances but I was offering up information about things that YOU can control because that's all you can do and I don't know anything about you.

Other people's standards are not likely to change so we just have to keep trying and find other ways of getting what we are looking for. I recently hooked up with a guy that was 6 foot and frankly it was a pain. I dont get the appeal. However, I started dating someone recently who is maybe a couple inches taller than I am. He also dresses well and is in really good shape. We met and we just clicked. And then you just need one really good one who will see everything you have to offer. Thank you for your honesty. Confidence does not sound like an issue for you.

But, you know what you have to offer someone and the right person will see that. So, from my perspective I honestly think dating is going to be challenging for you. Experience and friendships with women have shown me that height is a big deal to a lot of women, at least young ones. Well, what do you want from this thread? We all have our crosses to bear.

Men my age want to date younger.

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Again, my friends have assured me that I am a kind, gentle and understanding person. You do not want to date your friends and you have a whole thread of people telling you your attitude is off putting and you keep telling everyone how great you and your friends think you are. I'd encourage you to reflect on the fact that several strangers are telling you the same thing about something you have control over and you have no interest in entertaining the idea that you may want to tweak your personality.

I believe you are confident, but you have a bad attitude that is masking your charm. You can't show them your awesomeness if you're not even given a chance Like I said, clearly things suck for him.

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  • Rants are against sub rules. This happens in dating all the time. I don't think any of us denied that height does play a role in acquiring relationships. But that means you need to focus on what you do have to offer. So then what's with the attitude of trying to use his "terrible attitude" as a scape goat? Wouldn't you be annoyed too if something that's pointed out about you that is perceived as "wrong" is really not?

    And you keep being told over and over again that it's the issue? That's what everyone is doing with OP, pointing out his "confidence" as an issue when he has stated multiple times that it is not I did not say his confidence was an issue. It's clear him and his friends think he's great. Does he have a right to be annoyed?

    Welcome to Reddit,

    But the way he responds comes off as abrasive. Not trying to be a bummer but, I believe it gets worse as we age. I think people are more open in their 30s personally, and have more superficial hangups in their 20s. Every guy has a better chance after thirty because something guys are idiots. Just saw this OP and wanted to reassure you! I'm 34 year old 5'1 female and actually prefer short guys. I have dated tall guys, but do prefer short. I'm not real strict - I won't not date a tall guy, but I'm just saying that it doesn't really matter. You will find someone. Also i think as people mature they realize there's more than just that checklist of physical qualities - although I recognize that there does have to be attraction.

    I've been attracted to all the guys I've dated and tbh none of them look the same, act, or dressed the same. It's hard to explain. Just do you and everything will fall into place. Dating is hard for everyone. Moreso now that online dating provides the illusion of abundance. I think the ones you'll do the worst with are those in a "checklist mentality" mode, and online dating encourages that. I've met a few on various apps who asked my height and 5'7"ish was too short apparently, but these were two 31 year olds in "get married ASAP" mode, and trying to build the perfect man.

    At 34, they may come back haha.

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