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In the event when there is more than one person claiming rights to the same account, Site. Moreover, Site. It has been done according to internal information and historical data that may have been collected about the user, based on the usage of the respective account. We provide you with access to use Site. The backup feature is accessed through each website builder. To protect information that was created with the website builder, the client must create backups regularly on his own behalf. All services provided by Site.

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Offending content or users are suspended from our network, usually as soon as they are discovered, although we will always inform you when and why any action has been taken. If you think your site may violate our Terms Of Service, please ask us before signing up for an account so that we may determine if you can create website using Site. In no event shall the company be liable for any special or consequential damages, loss or injury. Illegality in any form, including but not limited to the unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software or other data, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material.

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If you purchase a domain name for a term longer than 1 year, you will be charged for the additional registration term at the regular renewal rate for. SHOP and. XYZ accordingly. The exact renewal rate for. XYZ can be seen on the domain prices page here. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion including but not limited to any offers, special sales, discounts etc.

Za vlasnike web stranica Za Hosting. Registracija To Create Website Za vlasnike web stranica. Hosting Company URL. Number of Customers I agree with Terms of Service.

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Prijava s Facebookom. Prijavite se. Zapamti lozinku. Povratak na login formu. TRY — TL. DKK — kr. HUF — Ft. NOK — kr. SEK — kr. CHF — Fr. RSD — din. RON — Lei. HRK — kn. ZAR — R. BYN — p. All clients who use our services are subject to the following terms of service: Indemnification Policy You agree to use all services and facilities at your own risk, specifically disclaims all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. We offer two types of services: Website builder for Regular customers — allows registered costumers to create and update their websites.

Hidrauličke brtve, rotacijske brtve osovine, O-prsteni tvrtke

Online website builder offers Free and Premium paid services. Each visitor is allowed to test the website builder prior to registration. Premium builder offers additional website building feature that may or may not be useful for the client. Website builder for Hosting providers — allows registered hosting providers to use website builder services for their own clients. Website builder for hosting provider offers Free and Premium paid services.

Premium builder includes features where hosting provider can customize website builder look including, but not limited to the company logo, custom domain name and more. Ukoliko je OK najlepse Vas molim da je postavite na live. Pozdrav Hvala. Ukoliko je potrebna dodatna dorada obavijestite me. Komentar: Napisao sam sve o ratu i dodao izvore, slike i bibliografiju.

CEST Hvala. Kubura razgovor , 1. Hvala Hvala. CEST -- Intermedichbo razgovor , 8.

  • Demand Planner;
  • dating sites delhi.
  • Elections for members of the representative bodies of units of local and regional self-government.

Unaprije zahvaljujem. MBrezak Hvala. Komentar: Hvala. Komentar: Ispravljeno po naputcima. Komentar: Nadam se da je sada sve uredu.

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Komentar: dodani izvori i kategorija Hvala. Komentar: dodana kategorija te izvori Hvala. Lijep pozdrav! Komentar: stranica popravljena sukladno sa zahtjevima Hvala. Komentar: Pozdrav. Ali ja sam u postavkama naveo da je jezik: Bosanski. Lijep pozdrav.

enter Adnan Hvala.

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