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Women can apply for these protection orders easily at Pave, through a video link to the Family Justice Court. The court can order husbands to attend mandatory counselling, and Pave sees the men as well.

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Many make the effort to change, not least because they do not want to lose their wives, children and homes. Unmarried women cannot apply for protection orders. A victim of violence may file a police report, as Rachel did. The police will then investigate and decide if the matter is serious enough to be treated as a criminal case under the Penal Code, in which case the alleged abuser is arrested and charged.

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However, if the police decide that the case is "non-arrestable", the complainant may be advised to file a magistrate's complaint instead. This is a tedious option rarely chosen by victims, who go away feeling the police do not take their complaints seriously. Dr Nair's concern is that unmarried victims receive no protection from their abusers while waiting for police investigations to conclude, whereas the protection order is effective in stopping the violence immediately in the majority of cases.

When a married woman obtains a protection order, her husband can continue living in the family home but he must stop his violent behaviour or he can be hauled before a judge. If he continues to be a threat, the wife can obtain a Domestic Exclusion Order which bars him from entering the home. Men who ignore these orders can end up in jail.

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More helpfully, the protection order results in the Family Justice Court sending both husband and wife for counselling. The victims learn to survive and make the changes necessary to avoid violence. Although most men go reluctantly when ordered to attend counselling, those who are motivated to keep their families together do gain from learning to stop choosing violence. Singapore also has the more recent Protection from Harassment Act POHA , but it is mostly not helpful to unmarried people dealing with violence. The law covers everything from cyber bullying to stalking, bullying and sexual harassment outside of an intimate relationship.

It was not meant to cover domestic violence, already provided for in the Women's Charter.

POHA is available to some, but takes a longer time and the process is much more drawn out," says Dr Nair. In Pave's experience, few women make police reports, and even fewer men are punished for assaulting girlfriends. There is no compelling these men to confront the reasons why they use violence, and they learn none of the ways to keep violence out of their future relationships. The agency would like to see unmarried victims of violence have the same access to protection orders as married people.

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This will mean widening the definition of domestic violence in the Women's Charter to include unmarried people in dating and live-in relationships, or looking at other laws that could include these provisions. We know that men who use violence to control women will not stop unless they are forced to receive help.


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But a log-in is still required for our PDFs. I was never extremely maternal but I went through a tough grieving process after that. I choose to see not having children is as much a blessing as a curse. Corrine discovered a tumour on her abdomen.

I started practising yoga and adopted a little old Maltese dog. That was a very careful choice too. When I adopted him I decided I wanted to make sure he has a real moment of happiness every single day.

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So, each day I do what work I need to do to make sure enough money comes in, and I make sure we both experience moments of happiness, every single day. I balance my time and energy carefully. Neither is it an add-on or necessity, as many seem to think. Eisenhower 's term " military industrial complex " has been coined to capture the amount of money and manpower devoted to dating services for singles. Singles events have been an area of particular growth in singles-related commerce. However, dating via religious-sponsored singles events has also been criticized for fostering invasion of daters' privacy and undue expectations.

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